Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Dyson Stowaway DC21 Canister Review

Vacuum Review: Dyson Stowaway DC21 Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Rating: 4 stars out of 5 for a space saving design and powerful suction but lacking a decent power cord length.

I hate Mondays. Mondays is the day after Sunday, my only day off, and every other week, just a day before payday. That means my fat business checking account becomes an anemic checking account. Urrrghhhh! It’s time to begrudgingly get down to business and bring my loyal readers another vacuum cleaner review. I haven’t done one of these in several days due to the high volume of requests for a guide to the best vacuums for X type of flooring, carpet or budget. Now that I’ve answered many of those questions the emails seem to have died down a bit, though I’m still getting emails for “The Best Expensive Vacuum”, don’t worry monopoly monocle wearing elite, I’ll have a “Best Vacuum Guide” for you too. As for now, I bring you a review of the Dyson DC21 Stowaway Canister Vacuum Cleaner.

Dyson consistently stands out for allergy relief. Their unique suction and 3 step filtering system greatly reduces dust allergens in your home. HEPA filtration comes standard with every Dyson Vacuum cleaner and the DC21 is no exception; if you suffer from allergies, any Dyson Vacuum cleaner would be an excellent option to consider.

As far as portability and convenience goes, I really like the large wheels for transport. A lot of canister vacuums are hard to lug around, and it’s not secret I prefer upright vacuums to canister vacuums, but the Dyson DC21 Canister Vacuum definitely scored points for large wheels that make it significantly easier to move around your house. The cleaning head included with this canister vacuum is fairly thin, making it a little bit easier to reach under furniture.

One other thing I feel I should note before I mention what I don’t like about this vacuum cleaner is the off / on motorized cleaning head feature. If you have hard flooring and don’t’ want to bother with broom and dustpan, you can shut off the motor bar or brush bar to clean up your kitchen, bathroom, hard wood flooring, etc. Vacuums lacking this feature shoot out debris and your Sensei knows first hand that it hurts! I was actually cut by a small rock when I accidentally rolled my vacuum onto my kitchen floor!

One last note for the good side, this vacuum cleaner is pretty quiet. I’m not going to say you can vacuum and hear everything on your favorite TV show at the same time, but it is less noisy than most other vacuum cleaners on the market. If noise is somewhat of a priority, look into buying any Dyson model.

Okay, now for the bad. I felt like the 16.4 foot power cord was extremely short. One of the main things Dyson was going for with the DC21 Stowaway Canister Vacuum was a compact design. It is, by all accounts, a very efficiently designed vacuum and able to fit in relatively small places, but I feel Dyson could have sacrificed a little bit of size for a slightly longer power cord.

Aside from the extremely short cord length, be aware that there have been some complaints about “stiff hand tools”. They can be rough on delicate or vintage upholstery but shouldn’t be any problem for your run of the mill furniture. A headlight on the vacuum head would have been nice, it really lets make sure you’re not leaving anything behind, especially when you’re cleaning darker corners.

All in all, this vacuum cleaner is just about what I have come to expect from Dyson. I do feel they have sacrificed a couple potentially useful features to keep the size of this canister vacuum down; it’s not a bad thing if one of your concerns is storage size.

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