Thursday, September 27, 2007

Best Hypo-Allergenic Allergy Vacuum Cleners

Wow! Competition in the Best Vacuum Cleaner series is really heating up! Today I’m responding to requests from people looking for Hypo-Allergenic or Allergy Vacuums. I know I’ve said this many times, but your Sensei suffers from dust allergies and knows how much of a difference a proper hypo-allergenic vacuum cleaner can make! Don’t expect to see any “bargain vacuums” on this list; the lower end stuff tends to shoot out unfiltered air even though they’re rated as “allergenic”. (That’s because there’s no industry standard as to what “allergenic” vacuums are.) To make it to this list, a vacuum cleaner must possess a sealed HEPA filtration system and have enough cleaning power to thoroughly clean your home. Without further interruptions, I bring you my “Best Allergy Vacuum Cleaners” list.

Best Allergenic Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Oreck XL Celoc Hypo-Allergenic Vacuum
In addition to having one of the best allergenic filtration systems on the market the Oreck XL Celoc comes with a lot of features and enough cleaning power to earn its place on my list of Best Allergenic Vacuum Cleaners. Oreck has put in a lot of time and effort into designing all their vacuum motors, the result is an efficient motor that delivers quiet performance. Weighing in at 9 lbs. the XL Celoc isn't too heavy or too light, just know that it can get a little heavy as the vacuum bag is filled. I also like the feel of this vacuum cleaner, it has an incredibly smooth motion making this vacuum cleaner easy to maneuver around coffee tables and TV stands. Further swaying my opinion is the included hypoallergenic canister vacuum cleaner and clothing iron. I've seen these specials before, and usually they're second rate machines. Fortunately, Oreck has too much invested in their name and track record to pass on poor quality equipment to their consumers and the included canister vacuum cleaner meets your Sensei's quality standards. I can't speak for the free iron, nor have I even seen one, but I'm going to assume they work.

Best Allergenic Stick Vacuum Cleaner: Miele S168 Stick Vacuum
The Miele S168 is a little bit of a hybrid between an upright and a stick vacuum. It has a long, thin look and feel but pushes along your carpet more like an upright vacuum. If more than one person in your house vacuums and you’re concerned about posture, the Miele S168 Allergenic Vacuum is designed with a telescoping handle that allows you to adjust your vacuum handle for people of different heights. A very useful feature in my house where I’m 6’1” and my youngest is 5’6”. The only thing I personally dislike about Miele Vacuum Cleaners in general is the old, boring designs. They’re usually dull or off whites with extremely mundane looking frame.

Best Allergenic Canister Vacuum Cleaner: Miele S4210 Sirius S4 Galaxy Series Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Miele takes 2 out of 3 top spots with their stylish Galaxy Canister Vacuum. The Miele Galaxy Vacuum stands out for far more than just a bright paint job, this Miele can perform toe to toe with some of the best vacuum cleaners on the market and will help reduce the amount of dust allergens in your home air. Just a quick note, canister vacuums are the absolute best type of vacuums for allergy sufferers. My experience tells me they’re much less prone to leaked unfiltered air in general. I like the Miele S4210 S4 Galaxy Canister Vacuum in particular for it’s nearly 30 foot power cord and self rewinding design. (That means you don’t have to wind the power cord yourself, great for the lazy!) If you have delicate or vintage furniture to preserve, this unit comes with a special battery powered cleaning brush made with high quality, genuine horsehair that' gentle on delicate material. Just remember, canister vacuum cleaners are designed for cleaning hard flooring and wood floors in particular. If you have thick carpets, this Miele isn’t for you. However, you CAN buy an attachment from Miele that makes this canister vacuum just as effective at cleaning thick carpeting as well as hard floors. Like the S168, the vacuum handle is telescoping, allowing you to adjust for comfort.

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