Monday, September 24, 2007

Eureka 4870HZ Boss Review


Vacuum Review: Eureka 4870HZ Boss Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Rating: 3.5 Stars out of 5 for mediocre suction power, and saving from 2 stars for a sealed HEPA filter system.

Vacuum Sensei here, just got done with another long, hot day at the shop. I really wish the air conditioning repairman would get here! I think my lack of air conditioning is costing me 5 customers a day! Anyway, your Sensei has decided to soldier on and type out another vacuum review based on the notes from his note pad. Today, I bring you a review of the Eureka 4870HZ Boss Vacuum Cleaner.

There are several vacuum cleaners in Eureka’s Boss line and the 4870HZ is the big daddy of all the Boss models. This vacuum runs in the $180-$190 price range and comes with a couple extras to separate itself from the rest of the vacuum cleaners in this line.

When I write a review I always check the official vacuum manual to see what assembly is like, then I’ll have one of the Padawans take it apart and put it back together to see how long it took and how difficult it was. I found assembly for the Eureka Boss 4870HZ was a little more taxing than most other vacuums on the market these days. It’s not a big deal, but if you’re the type of person who likes instant gratification there’s a lot of other models that require significantly less assembly.

What sets the 4870HZ Vacuum Cleaner apart from all others in the Eureka Boss line is a sealed HEPA Vacuum Filter. Remember, a vacuum with an unsealed HEPA filter is basically useless because unsealed vacuums exhaust air that isn’t filtered. Eureka thinks a sealed HEPA filter system is worth about $20 bucks more than the next best vacuum and your Sensei agrees. I suffer from allergies and a sealed HEPA filter system on my vacuum cleaner is a must!

Most high end vacuums have built in heat sensors that shut the vacuum off automatically to prevent you from damaging your vacuum cleaner. The Eureka 4870HZ is equipped with just such a heat detection system and it may turn off on you if you’re cleaning out your car on a hot day.

For a vacuum cleaner that costs nearly $200 I wasn’t impressed with the suction power. The rotating agitator brush on the other hand more than made up for suction. It’s extremely strong and stirs up a lot of the dirt that lay deep inside your carpet.

All right, that does it for your Sensei today. I’m going home to drown my sweating body in my pool.

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