Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright U5140-900 Review

Vacuum Cleaner Reivew: Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum U5140-900
Vacuum Rating: 5 Stars out of 5 for superior performance and a low price!

Your Sensei has wanted to write about this vacuum ever since it was brought in to his shop a week ago. This vacuum performed so well your Sensei will be buying this unit for a new couple in my neighborhood. The Hoover Tempo Widepath is the best performing upright vacuum cleaner I have ever received in my shop and when I did a little research on it, found that it sold for $70 bucks. That’s right, $70 bucks. Never in my life have I seen such value in a vacuum cleaner. Before I pee my pants I want to write about why I liked this vacuum so much.

I haven’t had the privilege of working on the Hoover Tempo Widepath till last week when a customer brought it in complaining it shut down after 15 minutes. I get a lot of these complaints during heat waves and it had been over a hundred degrees for the past several days. I figured it was overheating but inspected it just to make sure.

Removing the front plate revealed a very well designed vacuum. The seals were tight, there was no unintended overlapping of components, and the drive belt was extremely stable. I could tell she had used her Tempo Widepath quite a bit because there were stains and hair wrapped around the rollers. After checking for any obstructions and loose wiring I put the Tempo back together and gave it whirl on the test carpet. I was amazed with the suction power the Hoover Tempo had and noticed that it was extremely easy to slide along the carpet and maneuver. You usually have to add a drive system to get vacuum cleaners to slide along carpet this easy, especially the thick, test carpet I was using.

I already touched on this a little bit but want to reiterate how cheap this vacuum is. You can get it delivered to your home for about $70 bucks. I’m surprised Hoover hasn’t increased the price of this vacuum cleaner to $99, I’m sure most people would still find this vacuum an excellent bargain at a hundred considering the performance the Hoover Tempo Widepath delivers.

Keep in mind that the Hoover Tempo doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles more expensive vacuums come with. No drive system, though you probably won’t miss it and no options for shutting off the roller brushes so you can vacuum up hard floors. One thing users should be careful of is sucking up curtains. I’ve had some horror stories of people vacuuming around curtains and other loose objects like t-shirts. A vacuum this powerful puts you at high risk of being one of the people walking into my shop in tears telling me "that shirt I got from my boyfriend on our first date" and then asking "can you do anything to help me?" Just be careful friends.

For being the most powerful vacuum I've ever used under a hundred bucks delivered to your home or office, the Hoover Tempo Widepath has earned 5 perfect stars out of 5!

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