Saturday, September 1, 2007

Eureka Boss Smart-Vac 4870GZ Review

Includes the Power Paw for deep cleaning!Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review 4870GZ
Vacuum Rating: 4 Stars out of 5 for a fair price considering performance and features
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What Your Sensei Thought
Gosh, today your Sensei was going to get even further ahead on his vacuum review cue, a rare situation, but it was just too damn hot! Your Sensei decided to call it a day and put aside his other duties and take a swim in a neighbors backyard pool. But before I indulge in the fruits of my labor I feel I owe it you my loyal readers to review one last vacuum cleaner before calling it quits. Today, I bring you a review of the Boss Smart-Vac Upright by Eureka.

At just about 25 lbs. the Eureka is one of the lighter vacuums your Sensei has to review. Don’t let this lightweight fool you like it did me, this is actually one of the sturdier vacuum cleaners on the market. Some vacuum handles are loose and wobble when you push them, in extreme cases this can ruin your posture and unstable handles indicate a poorly designed vacuum cleaner. I’ve read many emails of people complaining that they would be able to user their vacuum cleaner for the next 5 years if the handle weren’t about to fall apart!

The Eureka 4870GZ is not the most powerful vacuum cleaner I’ve encountered, but it satisfactorily completed the cleaning task. It can pick up most dust and pet hair in your carpet, but don’t expect it to be as powerful as a Dyson.

The Vacuum Sensei will never judge a vacuum cleaner for “good intentions”, I judge a company by results. Unfortunately, the Power Paw Stair Brush accessory is just that, one of Eureka’s good intentions. The agitator brush simply isn’t powerful enough to provide any practical value. You’re better off using more traditional vacuum cleaner attachments to clean crevices and couches. Oh, there’s also no place to store the Power Paw onboard, that means you’ll probably have to search every room in your house before you can use it anyway.

One of the things that irks me is a large vacuum cleaner with a small vacuum bag. Ughhh, one of the things I hate is replacing vacuum bags, (My reason for keeping a canister vacuum at home.) and the Eureka Boss Smart Vac has a very small vacuum bag compared to its size. If you live on a ranch or farm and have a very dusty floor get used to switching out the vacuum bags fairly frequently. It’s not that big of a deal, but its one factor reducing my rating of the Boss Smart Vac. It also emits more heat that your typical vacuum. It definitely detracted from my cleaning experience in this extreme summer heat, but I suspect if I get to use another one of these units in the winter I’ll be extremely grateful.

One quick note about price, the price was just right. While it’s definitely not the bargain of the century, Eureka has priced the Boss Upright very fairly.

Included Tools
Power Paw for stairs and upholstery
Crevice tool
Extension wand

Size: 15” x 44” x 12”
Weight: 25 lbs.
Amps: 12

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