Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oreck XL Celoc Hypo-Allergenic Review

Vacuum Review: Oreck XL Celoc Hypo-Allergenic Vacuum with Bonuses
Vacuum Rating: 3 stars out of 5 for being really expensive

I write this vacuum blog for the average person. The wife that goes to work and comes home to vacuum for her family, the single college dorm guy who vacuums once a year for his annual keg party, and you. Yes you, the one who has dust allergies. It’s because I write for the average person I can’t recommend the Oreck Hypo-Allergenic Vacuum Cleaner; it’s simply not for the average person.

Like most other people in the United States, your Sensei loves a bargain. I’ve been known to spend 20 bucks in gas to buy 2 for 3 dollar Big Macs, much to my stomach’s regret. Unlike the cheap Big Macs, the Oreck Hypo-Allergenic Vacuum doesn’t even seem to offer a good bargain. Let’s explore why your Sensei doesn’t think this vacuum warrants your hard earned dollars.

One of the things Oreck hypes up is the “Intellashield” built into the handle and base of the vacuum cleaner. The Intellashield is supposed to kill germs on your vacuum cleaner and “works even when your vacuum is off”. Your Sensei is not an anti-germ freak. I love germs! Some bacteria are actually good for you, like the bacteria in yogurt. So, when I see things like “Intellashield” built into vacuums in an effort to entice me and anybody else looking for a vacuum I just blow right over it. The only possible benefit I can see for an anti-bacterial handle is sparing yourself a trip to the medicine cabinet for Neosporin in case you cut yourself during an intense vacuum exercise regimen. I see no reason to mark the Oreck XL Celoc down for the Intellashield, but Oreck hasn’t earned any extra points either.

It’s time to get to the only reason why you should buy this vacuum. I get a couple emails a week from people asking me about the best hypo-allergenic vacuum cleaner. If you’re concerned with removing dust allergens like dust mites, their poo, (Yes, their poo, that’s what causes most people trouble.), and pollens from your home then the Oreck XL Celoc Hypo Allergenic would be a great vacuum ton consider. It’s one of my favorite high end, hypo-allergenic vacuum cleaners. Your Sensei does have some mild dust allergies, but it’s nothing a normal vacuum cleaner can’t fix, but if you have extremely sensitive allergies I would definitely suggest investing in this Oreck.

As far as cleaning power is concerned, you’re going to get a very powerful vacuum. If you want really, really clean carpets you’re going to have much better results with an Oreck compared to your run of the mill Hoover or Eureka vacuum. This is a great vacuum cleaner for people in rural areas where dust is a huge concern. You’ll suck up buckets with the Oreck XL Celoc.

Other things worth mentioning are that this Oreck Vacuum comes with two free gifts, an iron and a hypo-allergenic canister vacuum. The canister vac pack in is a great supplement to your Upright Vacuum but the iron just confuses your Sensei. Oreck also backs this vacuum cleaner with a 5 year warranty and includes 3 free vacuum checkups, they get very detailed; checking for seals, replacing your belt, and ensuring your vacuum is in top condition.


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