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Bissell Flip It 5200 Wet Dry Hard Floor

Yaaarrrrrrrrrrr! It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Yarrr! Today your Sensei will shed his kimono and katana to dawn his ol’ Captains’ hat and pistol to let ye know if ye should swab yr’ deck with the Bissell Flip It 5200 Wet / Dry Hard Floor Vacuum. Arrrrr! All hands on deck and set sail for email! Gyarrrr.

“What do you think of the Bissell Flip It? I love the idea of never moppingagain, and having a quick stick for little messes (the ones Lucy won't eat)is enticing. Is it worth it? Thank you so much, once again, for your wisdom. :) I am not worthy.

La Rêveuse (Ronica)”

Vacuum Review: Bissell Flip It 5200 Wet / Dry Hard Floor Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Rating: A pathetic 2.5 stars out of 5 for being too impractical for daily use and having a history of leaking

Aye Ronni, my Bonnie Lass. The Bissell Flip It. I’ve not seen the likes of this amphibious monster in my shop for a fortnight. Fortunately your Capn’s log is as reliable as John Silver is long. There be two of these vacuum cleaners and I’ll cover the Bissell Flip It 5200 in this vacuum review.

Every good company finds a need and fills it. Bissell has tried to fill the “too lazy to mop” niche by introducing this monstrosity of a vacuum cleaner. Before I get into the many reasons why I hate this vacuum cleaner, I’ll cover the good. I like to think that there’s good in everything.

Some 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners are put together very poorly. Users sometimes have to go through a long set up process to switch modes. One of the first generation versions of the 2 in 1 required you to switch hoses, unscrew stuff, and leaked like a boat made from Swiss cheese. (I won’t mention that company’s name because it has since put out better vacuums and your Cap’n believes in second chances.) The Bissell Flip it is so far the easiest hard floor vacuum to switch modes with. Like its name implies, you simply flip the vacuum around and you’ve gone from wet to dry or dry to wet. Here’s a video that demonstrates how it works.

The Bissell Flip It 5200 is compatible with two different cleaning heads. If you have, let’s say, a wood floor living room and a tiled kitchen you can clean both floors without damaging either because you’ll be able to switch the vacuum heads. I was also happy with how easy it was to switch the vacuum heads; once again Bissell has scored a few points with how user friendly they made the Flip It 5200.

Okay, now for what I didn’t like. Not only was the suction for the Flip It Vacuum terrible but a poorly designed exhaust system blew away a lot of small debris like hair, lint, and dust. Even if this vacuum is capable of picking something up there’s a good chance you’ll blow it away before it gets anywhere near your vacuum. A quick specifications check revealed a laughable 3 amp motor powering the suction on this vacuum. I was very disappointed. Bissell does offer more powerful versions of the flip it, but you’re definitely going to have to pay for it.

Next, a lot of customers complained about leaking. Despite the fact that leaking Flip It Vacuums mean I get to eat at very nice restaurants the Cap’n was not pleased. Bissell needs to change course and fix this problem when it releases its next generation of wet / dry hard floor vacuums if it plans on selling any.

Last, and certainly not least, this vacuum is nothing more than an electric sponge mop. If you’re looking for something that’s going to save you time, money, and get your floors clean don’t buy the Bissell Flip It. It’s bulky and much less maneuverable than a regular sponge mop and it’s going to set you back at least $85 bucks plus filter replacements, and expensive Bissell made floor cleaner.

If you’re looking for something to make your floors shine buy a mop. No, seriously, buy a mop. I’ve yet to be impressed with a home grade vacuum cleaner that’s supposed to take the place of a mop. It has a fair amount of cleaning power, but it’s not ideal at all for cleaning small spaces. I dare you to try to clean behind your toilet with the Flip It.

Cap’n Vacuum

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